Photographer's Bio

I've had a camera in my hands since my early teens and literally processed miles of film and devoted countless hours in the darkroom working the conventional side of photography. I now find those skills uniquely beneficial as I continue to carry that knowledge forward using digital technology.

Since first embracing digital photography in the early '80s, I have broadened my expertise to include a working knowledge of photo, video (editing) and web authoring software. By replacing film cameras with DSLR cameras it has also fostered an unquenchable thirst for all the electronic gadgetry that make digital photography so remarkable. 

"The golden hours of each day offer opportunities to capture those moments in time that enrich our lives with the wonder and beauty around us."

My body of work consists of wildlife, nature, travel, and portraiture, however at times I allow my creative senses the freedom to divert into unknown territory, which includes social and jornalistic-type expression. Currently, the HD video capabilities of my latest DSLR has provided the means to establish  a new direction into independent filmmaking.

My photography and video work resides also on the Flickr and Vimeo websites where I share creative ideas and technical information with a number of talented artists worldwide. More importantly, it has become a great source of inspiration.

COPYRIGHT DISCLAIMER: All of my work is copyright protected under Intellectual Property/Copyright Laws. Costs associated with downloading images from this website are for one time use only. Duplication or redistribution of downloaded images is strictly prohibited without prior written consent.  


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