Prints and Downloading Images 

Prints and Posters

Printer: Images are printed on a 1400 dpi printer specifically designed for printing high quality Giclée display prints.

Inks: Six different pigmented aquious inks are used, which are UV resistant and rated archival quality. 

Paper: Image Pro Satin paper, especially designed for photographic reproduction, has an instant-dry microporous coating with an optimum white point that provides a wide color gamut, high level of dot control and excellent image sharpness. 


Wall Murals & Canvas

Depending on the type of application and conditions, murals may be printed using a solvent based printer, which is more suited for printing on canvas, vinyl or other materials.

Printing on Canvas: 3M GX solvent based inks are UV resistant and ideal for printing on true canvas. The canvas material has a polyduct receptive satin coating made for accepting solvent inks. No post spray application material is required.

Contact us to obtain more detailed information regarding your specific application.

Image Download

Images available for download are the sole property of John Lombardo. All Intellectual Property copyright laws apply. The costs associated with downloading images from this website are for one time use only. Redistribution is strictly prohibited without prior written consent. 



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