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Three essential elements make good photographs.

Creative Expression - An artistic sense of awareness is vitally important when selecting the subject matter. Attention given to lighting creates the mood and ambient surroundings are considered compositionally well before the camera exposure button is pressed.

Technical Ability - A fundamental understanding of Photography and a willingness to venture beyond the automatic settings of todays DSLR cameras. A commitment to learning the technical stuff! 

Software Knowledge - A depth of knowledge beyond the 20% most Photographers obtain and a level of commitment to experimentation and practice. Photo editing software offers a variety of methods to enhance and image based on a give set of circumstances. Having a working knowledge of these methods enables the Photographer to choose the most effective tool or function that will insure quality and save time.

My commitment to you is to provide instruction that will emphasize these essentials and make the time you spend with me an exciting learning experience that's fun and informative; one you will long remember as you pursue each new image capture.

Learn the Camera Basics

This tutoring package is ideal for those who have a smart phone camera, fixed lens camera or a DSLR camera with interchangeable lenses. No prior experience is required!

Join me on a fun and exciting photo-shooting session to learn how to capture images properly with creative visual impact like the professionals. In 4 hours of instruction you will gain a clear understanding of the following:

  • How aperture, shutter speed and ISO all work together in concert to insure an exposure is correct.
  • The rule of thirds, composition, camera angle and depth of field
  • Camera techniques, lighting and posing
  • Image editing, and proper sizes for email, web and print
  • Various methods of sharing your images with others

My goal for less experienced users is to provide a solid foundation of photographic knowledge that will be fun and hopefully motivate your interest in building on that foundation.

For DSLR users, we will go beyond the automatic settings of your camera into manual mode where the true essence of your camera  resides. I hope to introduce you to powerful features you didn't know existed.

The total cost of this package is $200. The instruction can also be tailored to three hours for $175 or two hours for $150. Use the contact form on the right or call 815-978-0636 for more information or to arrange for a free consultation. 

Image Editing Software Instruction

Are you getting good results from your image editing software? Many who invest in Adobe Photoshop or Photoshop Elements find it overwhelming and can easily become frustrated. This leads to becoming satified with scratching the surface and never really getting into the power of the product. 

I can make your investment pay off by providing simple exercises designed to build a foundation of knowledge while making it fun at the same time! 

After a free initail consultation, tutoring is structured to your specific needs. Tools are essential so we cover a number of different ways to use each one.  You will also learn how to navigate the menu and obtain a solid understanding of the overall power of image editing from basic density and color correction to advanced retouching techniques.

  • The tutoring rate is $75 per hour for 1 to 5 hours of instruction; up to three participants. 
  • Save by choosing 2 hours of instruction each week for 3 weeks -  $390
  • Save even more with 2 hours of instruction each week for 6 weeks -  $600 
Instruction can also be customized to include Photoshop in combination with Illustrator.

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