Reel refers to video and today's DSLR's are capable of cinematic quality

Multimedia: the packaging of still images, video, sound and graphic elements. In the past it was presented in 35mm slide format, but now distribution is mainly in the form of video. 

This page provides examples of filmmaking, archival and video documentation, but the possibilities are endless.  Call today to discuss your next video project.


Travel Videos

I will work with you to edit your
travel videos, add graphics and
assemble a finished video. 


Write a story and tell it with video and sound. We begin with a story board, are you interested? Join me. 

Video Documentation

Successful business demands clear communications with customers. A Video documentation is the answer.


Fun Event Videos

You've shot the video now what? Putting scenes together in a logical order, editing the raw footage and adding titles is required to condense it into a finished product that looks professional.

Family Archival Videos

Add old family photos, documents and memorable film and video that can be shared with family members or uploaded to a family tree website.

Photos with Music

A simple but effective way to display a series of photographs with titles in a video format.

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