Web Design

Many small to midsize businesses try to develop their own Internet presence by purchasing authoring software and learning on their own or through the use of a browser template provided by many web hosting services. Oftentimes business priorities make it difficult to devote the time necessary to move the project forward in a timely manner. This can cause needless frustration because a combination of skills is required to create websites which are simple to navigate, have visual marketing appeal and structured behind the scenes that make sense when making revisions or changes later.
Another factor easily overlooked is web maintenance. Web designers often make it impossible for clients to maintain their own websites and therefore impose unnecessary annual maintenance costs and inflated web hosting fees. My goal and commitment to clients is to construct a website that allows independent updating involving a simple 1-2 hour training session. Over the period on one year, this can be a significant savings when compared to other web design alternatives. Contact me today for a free consultation

See the Business Activity section of my Photo Gallery to see various examples of what I might do for you.


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